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Birthdate:Apr 9

About Me & Fandom

Hello! My name is Dianne from Indonesia. I'm currently working as accountant in a small company here in Jakarta. I'm NEWS fan since their debut day back in year 2003. My favorite is Yamashita Tomohisa<33 We coincidently have the same birthdate, i'm older though, ouch! I also ♥ Tegoshi Yuya, Nishikido Ryo and Uchi Hiroki. I give my heart and soul for NEWS. I always believe and have faith in them. I will always support them no matter what.

Beside NEWS, I also like HSJ esp. Arioka Daiki, though I just gave up supporting them financially LOL. I'm aiming my dream to go to Japan and watch NEWS concerts, so I have to save up for it, gomenasai Daichan T_T I still follow them though when i remember to check their communities! afghklgsgjs;ljkl

I'm a fan of Hello!Project too, my fave is Takahashi Ai from Morning Musume and Sugaya Risako from Berryz Kobou. Sadly I can't support them by buying their original goods, coz i'm broke enough with NEWS. So I can't say myself as their true fans. But I'm planning to buy DVD of Ai-chan's graduation concert. Coz most likely it will be the end of my H!P fandom.

Lastly, I'm so~ooo into SS501 right now, yes I know they are Korean, and yes I have known them since 2005 but never bothered to follow them ^^;; They are such lovely dudes, dorky and funny too! Leader and Baby are my fave atm, but hey I'm still new fan, I'm sure the other 3 will grow on me soon <33 And recently my love for Super Junior revived, those crazy shameless dudes eat my brain!!

Nichiya : Day & Night

This LiveJournal is currently my main blog. It's friends-locked, which means you have to be added in my f-List to view all my entries. Please comment here to be added, I used to add back anyone randomly, but now I will onlymight add back anyone who comment in my sticky intro post. And oh, I won't add back empty/dead journals, sorry!

Nichiya is japanese word, it means Day & Night. Taken from Nichi, my internet nickname that invented by old good friend from IRO board [info]merumaru. I used to be crazy over Okada Junichi, thus she called me Nichi-chan, and I really love it. I wanted to have nichi as my username, but sadly it's already taken. So I used my 2nd choice, nichiya. If I ever married to a Japanese I will deffo name my daughter Nichiya *dream on, Dianne!*


I'm a fanfic whore, I read both het and yaoi fanfics. Currently my OTP is TegoPi, but i read most pairings with Tegoshi on it esp. RyoTego, TegoMassu, TegoJin. I'm a writer myself, mostly fail though and i think i won't write again, my english is so fails!!. I don't lock my fanfics (yes, even NC-17/R rated ones), though maybe one day I will consider create another LJ account to dump all my fics there. But in the mean time, anyone is free to read my crap fanfics here.


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